Check out our image gallery for a roundup of the stunning projects completed by APM Customs. 

Full colour printed wrap

Restec full colour printed wrap

Branding with high impact on this Nissan Navara with a full colour printed wrap using 3M IJ180.

Mercedes GLC 63s

Mercedes GLC 63s

With a soundtrack to match the looks, the paintwork on this jaw dropping Mercedes GLC 63s is now protected with our Gtechniq CS light / Exo combo, ensuring a high gloss, hydrophobic finish!

Porsche 992

Porsche 992

Fresh from delivery, this stunning Porsche 992 has been treated to our extended front end PPF protectcion package.

Maserati MC Stradale

Maserati MC Stradale

To ensure this Italian beauty remains looking as good as it should, we installed an extensive PPF package along with our Gtechniq CS light / Exo coating to all external surfaces.

Graphics livery

Graphic livery for SFAS

Effective branding installed on this Transit Custom, using a mix of materials to ensure visibility on the roads.

Lamborghini Gallardo wrap

Lamborghini Gallardo

What was once a subtle Black Lambo is now a vibrant head-turner, fitted with 3M's Gloss Bright Orange! It has even been layered with 3M's Sunburst Gold over-laminate to achieve its signature paint fleck.